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About Beep Beep Media

Beep Beep Media is a boutique media company, specializing in content creation for all mediums and platforms. We are passionate creators, who have immersed ourselves in the digital media industry for over 8 years. The benefits of working with our small company, is that each client receives personal attention and care. We deliver high-quality work, competitive pricing, fast turnaround times and an added personal touch. 


Our belief at Beep Beep Media is that good design, in either digital or video, has the power to connect people and make them feel something. If you need your story told, product sold, or anything in between, get in touch! 





Leisa takes the front seat at Beep Beep Media, driving the business forward by seeking creative media projects. With over five years of experience in client services, Leisa ensures our clients are pleased with the quality of service at Beep Beep Media. 


When Leisa is not in the office you can find her in her kitchen trying to perfect her recipe for artisan sourdough bread.

 Nastassja (Tasha)



Full of enthusiasm and creativity, Tasha has been designing and editing media for a decade. She has worked on small and large scale projects including; 

Toyota, Lexus, SiriusXM, Kijiji, Epilepsy Ontario, RBC, Magentrix, & The City of London and more. 

When she isn't in her creative studio you can find her teaching on her Yoga mat. 


content creation

Do you need content to keep your audience engaged, informed or inspired?


Do you want to get your story told but need the right tools? Need a script or article written?

Do you have loads of content but no time to edit? Or do you need a video from scratch?

Video Editing


Are you looking for creative help, a video or social media marketing strategy or just need some advice?

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